Pretend Problems

img_20190121_114819603January 21, 2019: Mommy and Jameson are ok at playing pretend, but they have their limits. Like, they are ok with playing pretend if it’s not ‘too pretend’ and the storyline is somewhat based on reality. It’s a little obnoxious and exhausting. I play pretend like daddy plays pretend. The more elaborate and over-the-top the story, the better. Mommy told me daddy gets it from his daddy. Well then, I think I need some daddy and grandpa time soon. I know they’d understand what to do next if I told them mommy is a boy named Zachary who needs help fixing the tree at the library with a screwdriver and some tape. When is daddy getting home?  img_20190121_114915193img_20190121_105326300

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