Gene Jumping

IMG_20190316_101656154March 16, 2019: Grandparents are the best. All they do is play with us and give us special treats. Today we got spoiled by all four grandparents! Grammie and papa come to swim class all the time, but today grandma and grampa came to watch us too! We even took them out to brunch. Then grampa got us green chocolate shakes and we all played Moana at our house! What a great day. Mommy and daddy are so lucky to have such cool parents. I guess the coolness gene skipped a generation. IMG_20190316_111828005MVIMG_20190316_110102171IMG_20190316_121934911IMG_20190316_123152156_BURST000_COVERIMG_20190316_123303233IMG_20190316_122844222IMG_20190316_124913159_BURST000_COVER_TOP

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