Secrets Safe

IMG_20190331_123602373_BURST011March 31, 2019: Mommy and Daddy went on a Home Depot date this morning without us. Usually we would be disappointed that we didn’t go too, but Hailey came over to play with us instead. Yes! She is so fun. We played and played and played….and made sure to do all the stuff we normally aren’t allowed to do. It was awesome. Mommy will never know! Well, she knew about me dragging Fin around the house with the jump rope cause we realized they were home when we ran by them in the living room. Oh well, she won’t know about the rest! IMG_20190331_082814536IMG_20190331_132209070IMG_20190331_133427390IMG_20190331_142030676_BURST000_COVERIMG_20190331_175929285_BURST001

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