Lucky To Have

IMG_20190512_082303914May 12, 2019: Mommy loves us very much. She waited a very long time for us and she always tells us how lucky she is to have us. We love her very much and we are very lucky to have her too.  We always tell her how much we love her, so Mother’s Day isn’t too much different than any other day, but we did do a couple extra things to make her day special. We made her a card, made her coffee, made her breakfast, gave her plants, gave her time to garden, got her cupcakes, gave her some alone time (but not in the bathroom because who wants to be alone in the bathroom?!), ate all our meals without complaining, sang her an original song, and let her take a nap. Mommy said she loved everything and she wouldn’t say what she liked best, but we think naptime was her favorite! IMG_20190512_072129188MVIMG_20190512_073032427IMG_20190512_073322931MVIMG_20190512_074432159IMG_20190512_113410555IMG_20190512_121837374IMG_20190512_193936840

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