Butterfly Hunting

IMG_20190525_190336623May 25, 2019: Now is the time of year we are going to start seeing a lot of butterflies. There is one that has been coming to hang out with me on our patio, but that’s not enough. Fin and I want to see more, so we spent the afternoon butterfly hunting. We looked all around the neighborhood. We asked our neighbors. We even dressed up in sparkly dresses to help attract butterflies. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any. Maybe next time we should dress daddy up in sparkles too… IMG_20190525_151225946_HDRIMG_20190525_150138975_HDRIMG_20190525_141408297_HDRIMG_20190525_124618244_HDRIMG_20190525_115554412_HDRIMG_20190525_102634381

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