P Is For…

IMG_20190605_164623492_BURST000_COVERJune 5, 2019: Pee! Potty! Popsicles! This peeing on the potty thing really has its perks. I wore underpants all day, only had two accidents, and got a gazillion special treats. Fruit snacks, marshmallows, jelly beans, ice cream sandwiches, and popsicles! I haven’t pooped on the potty yet. Although mommy said I get an ice cream Sunday if I do. Intriguing. I’ll have to think about that one a little more. IMG_20190605_165446154IMG_20190605_173249466_HDRIMG_20190605_174032756_HDRIMG_20190605_174052899_HDRIMG_20190605_154241889IMG_20190605_181155196IMG_20190605_182804687IMG_20190605_201849992

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