Grocery Pool

IMG_20190621_155408267_HDRJune 21, 2019: Spring may be mommy’s favorite season, but she sure does know how to celebrate the first day of summer! We didn’t even see it coming. First we played and did a little garage saling. Then Fin woke up from her nap, mommy swooped us up into the car, drove to Kroger, and then she shoved a pool into the back of our minivan! We drove back home, filled it up, and started splashing! Yup. Fantastic way to celebrate the Summer Solstice. IMG_20190621_164949078IMG_20190621_163450677_HDRIMG_20190621_175539223_HDRIMG_20190621_182022269_HDRIMG_20190621_152708678IMG_20190621_104813040_HDRIMG_20190621_104726946_HDRIMG_20190621_185919478

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