Crib Crisis

IMG_20190626_191814760June 26, 2019: I have been waiting and waiting for my new big kid bed. I got new Anna and Elsa sheets and I was ready. I even helped take apart my crib today. Er. Ah. At least I thought I was ready. It was beautiful and comfy and exciting and then I tried to go to bed. It just isn’t the same as my crib. I’ve been hanging out with my crib for more than two years. I think my bed is too big for me. I asked daddy to put it in the closet and put my crib back together. He said maybe tomorrow. Oh. Ok. I hope tomorrow hurries up and gets here. IMG_20190626_152334689IMG_20190626_152628498IMG_20190626_153612826IMG_20190626_161146160IMG_20190626_184003095IMG_20190626_184033370IMG_20190626_185205766IMG_20190626_190815041_BURST003IMG_20190626_190924740_BURST000_COVERIMG_20190626_192254747_BURST000_COVERIMG_20190626_192950146_BURST000_COVER

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