A Couple More Things

IMG_20190712_122820174_BURST000_COVER_TOPJuly 12, 2019: We took mommy’s advice and tried to focus on the simple things this morning. It started out awesome. We took a surprise trip to Maybury Farm, hung out with lots of animals, and even played on a playground…but then Jameson fell on the mulch and got a sliver in her hand! She was upset and that made me upset and then I fell and scrapped my knee on the sidewalk and then we were all upset. Luckily grammie took a break from garage saling to meet us at home and help take care of our injuries. Oh, and we got some lollipops and popcorn from the farm to help too and then we went to the pool after naptime. I can’t remember if Be Sad and Cry Lots were on mommy’s simple things list, but if they were, check and check!IMG_20190712_122949735IMG_20190712_120513168_HDRIMG_20190712_110659014_HDRIMG_20190712_111013276IMG_20190712_112425820_HDRIMG_20190712_111507679IMG_20190712_113546433_HDRIMG_20190712_114700912IMG_20190712_115219050_HDRIMG_20190712_153351537IMG_20190712_165649746_HDR

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