No Nap Zone

August 4, 2019: You can’t nap when you’re having so much fun with your big cousins at their park. What if you miss something? What if they start an inside joke and you don’t get it?! No. Naps have to wait. Wait until after swimming, after ice cream, after playing with princesses, after dinner, after rainy comfy car ride….zzzzzzz…wait! Lollipops?! Yes! After lollip….zzzzz. Lollipop! IMG_20190804_125458134_HDRIMG_20190804_134056226_HDRIMG_20190804_144556395_HDRIMG_20190804_144752410_HDRIMG_20190804_144611843_HDRIMG_20190804_144918082_HDRIMG_20190804_144952869_HDRIMG_20190804_144924037IMG_20190804_153052119_HDRIMG_20190804_164754321_BURST002IMG_20190804_174345754IMG_20190804_182656671

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