Secret Shopper

IMG_20190918_152659960_BURST000_COVER_TOPSeptember 18, 2019: Finley’s birthday is in a couple of days. I am so excited! We, I mean Fin is gonna get some awesome presents. After school mommy took me on a special shopping trip to get her a present. We were supposed to go by ourselves but Fin wanted to tag along…so grammie and papa came too. They distracted her while I got the present. A couple more packages were delivered when we got home. Mommy told me they were for Fin but she wouldn’t tell me what was inside. Before bed I asked her again to tell me but she reminded me that I’d have to keep it a secret for two days. Ugh. She’s right not to tell me. I decided she should tell me Friday so I only have to keep a secret for one day. IMG_20190918_080927551


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