Annual Check-Up

IMG_20190923_140033670September 23, 2019: So yeah. I totally forgot the other thing that happens around my birthday. A trip to the doctor for my annual check-up. I’m not like most kids though because I love going to the doctor. I know that after I’m done I get a lollipop and it’s the best! Today it was even better than normal. We all had to get our flu shots so mommy and daddy took us out for ice cream!!!!!!! I never even felt a thing. (I can’t speak for Jameson though.)

PS – The doctor says I’m doing great even though daddy found the answers to my eye test very funny. For the record, I’m 39 inches and 28lbs now. IMG_20190923_140651592IMG_20190923_151630000IMG_20190923_151723374IMG_20190923_153429173_HDRIMG_20190923_154353362_HDR

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