Tooth Scrub

IMG_20191002_172345082October 2, 2019: The last time we went to the dentist as a family, Jameson got her teeth cleaned and I got my teeth counted. She kept telling me that it was going to be my turn soon but I just didn’t think that day would ever come. Well, the day came today. I was a little nervous. Although, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I got to wear fabulous sunglasses. I got to watch dragons while the tooth counters did their thing. I got an Elsa toothbrush. And I got three prizes out of the treasure chest! Plus, the dentist said my teeth looked great even though I like to eat foods with a lot of sugar bugs. Whew. I’m not giving up chocolate, lollipops, or fruit snacks anytime soon.


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