Dear Deer

IMG_20191105_130404650November 5, 2019: Daddy spotted a deer in our yard this morning. He said it walked from the front yard to the back yard by our friend’s houses and then it disappeared. When we got home from school, mommy, daddy, Finley, and I decided to track it. We found its footprints, followed them through all our neighbor’s backyards, but lost the track just before the creek. We’re pretty sure it still ended up at the creek but there were too many leaves so we couldn’t see the tracks anymore.  This was our first time tracking an animal. Even though we didn’t find the deer we think we did pretty good. Maybe the deer will follow our footprints back to our house and come visit so we can see him too.IMG_20191105_130441932IMG_20191105_130351146_HDRIMG_20191105_100455854_MPIMG_20191105_194105228

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