Dream Wedding

IMG_20200109_163403132January 9, 2020: Mommy said she never dreamed of getting married when she was a little girl. I can’t believe it. I’ve already got my dream wedding planned! I’m getting married on Halloween. I’m marrying mommy. I will wear a white dress. Mommy will wear her black dress. We will both wear pink shoes. Grammie, papa, grandma, grampa, daddy, and Jameson will come. Harley will come too but he will have to come in a cat crate because we are getting married in a castle. Oh, and piggy is invited too. He will wear his best suit and watch from the car. And I can’t forget the best part. My chocolate wedding cake! I can’t get this smile off my face! Mommy says she’s never letting me fall asleep on the couch watching Frozen before dinner ever again.


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