Uneven Trade

IMG_20200220_154355767February 20, 2020: Note to self: When mommy says let’s go meet daddy but doesn’t say where and she leaves Finley with grammie and papa, ask questions. Ask a LOT of questions! I forgot this important step this afternoon and ended up at a doctor’s office where they stuck me with a ginormous needle and sucked my blood right out of me! No joke! On the bright side mommy and daddy felt horrible about it all and took me toy shopping. I got a new kitty. I feed her and walk her and then she poops. Was it an even trade? No. But I’ll take it. IMG_20200220_142956914IMG_20200220_144709603IMG_20200220_145532234IMG_20200220_145616674IMG_20200220_153734913

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