Bed Movers

IMG_20200229_120559852_HDRFebruary 29, 2020: Aunt Ellen’s new house is almost finished. Yaaaaaaaay!  We took a ride out to see it and help move a gigantic bed. We found out Aunt Ellen’s house is far away. Booooooo! Seriously.  If Aunt Ellen wants help from us, she should’ve found a house closer to ours. Sure, it’s cool and big and has three bathtubs and a forest and a trail and a tractor, but you can find that anywhere. I guess she’ll just have to start over and find one in our neighborhood.IMG_20200229_110625846_HDRIMG_20200229_113008984IMG_20200229_120633484IMG_20200229_121931427_HDRIMG_20200229_164429898IMG_20200229_165708713IMG_20200229_170239754

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