Virtual Show and Tell

IMG_20200327_095918342March 27, 2020: Normally at school on Friday’s I have Show and Tell. Just because I’m not going to school, mommy said it doesn’t mean I have to miss it. Mommy, daddy, and I had Show and Tell on the rug in the family room. Finley’s class doesn’t do Show and Tell so she didn’t want to participate. I showed the crystals I had been growing for weeks. Then we took a picture and uploaded it to my Google Classroom. Mrs. Shekar was so impressed. She even loved my idea so much that she’s going to do virtual Show and Tell every Friday now! IMG_20200327_095647842IMG_20200327_101510918IMG_20200327_113400469IMG_20200327_114449814IMG_20200327_143013146_BURST000_COVER_TOP

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