Parties Postponed

IMG_20200403_093028433April 3, 2020: Today grammie and papa have been married 50 years. Mommy says that’s a really long time and it’s a big deal. We wanted to celebrate but we still can’t hang out with our friends and family yet. We made grammie and papa a video of some special pictures instead. They loved it so much that they drove over to thank us in person….well, kinda. We stayed inside and they stayed outside. We talked through the window. It was a nice change from talking on the phone. Today is also Uncle PJ’s birthday. We didn’t make him a video because he’s only 45. But we did draw him some pictures that we texted him. I can’t wait til we can get out and see everyone again. We have a lot of parties to catch up on! IMG_20200403_140507_920IMG_20200403_182938271IMG_20200403_183207991IMG_20200403_150208165

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