Butterfly In The Sky

Screenshot_20200601-195004June 1, 2020: Letting our butterflies go today was bittersweet. We were excited to hold them and set them free but we have become very attached to them over the last few weeks. We wished we could have kept them forever, but Harley was getting a little too curious. We had a release party to celebrate such an important day. We made a banner, brownies, and picked out special outfits. We read a butterfly poem and then let them go one by one. They all did great except for one. It was the last one to hatch so it wasn’t quite ready yet. (We will try to release it again tomorrow.) Mommy said we did a wonderful job as butterfly mommies. We’re positive they are going to come back and visit us! IMG_20200601_111725_MPIMG_20200601_143243IMG_20200601_142706

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