First Day Test Run

IMG_20200810_092910August 10, 2020: Mommy is worried about how she is going to get her work done and teach us. She decided she needed to do a test run. We thought it was a good idea, but we had a better idea…start school for real! Yup! Mommy and daddy did great. After we ate breakfast and got dressed, we kissed daddy goodbye and headed off to school. (Mommy walked us around the block.) We went in and found the door to our new room. Our new teacher (mommy) greeted us and took us downstairs. She showed us around, went over the classroom rules, and introduced the classroom cat. We did work, ate snack, played, and learned about habitats. When school was over, daddy picked us up and took us home. (We rode our bikes around the block.) We even got fruit snacks. Mommy had our lunches ready when we came in the door.  Whew! What a day. We have no idea if mommy had time to get her work or not. IMG_20200810_091201MVIMG_20200810_093707IMG_20200810_094854IMG_20200810_113416


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