Science Works!

October 28, 2020: We got to do a few science experiments today – a tasty one, a tall one, and a mystery one. For the tasty one, we used melted chocolate on ice cream to learn about igneous rock. Just like Ta-Ka in Moana! That was delicious learning. For the tall one, we used a measuring tape to see how tall Finley and I have grown. We’re growing like crazy! For the mystery one, we had to use our brains big time! We went out on a walk looking at different types of rocks. During our field trip, Finley lost her mitten but we didn’t know where. I had a good idea! We can retrace our steps and eventually we’ll find it in the last place we look! And guess what? It worked!! The mitten was right there on a rock! Luckily, we brought the other one to make sure it was a match.

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