Shot Twist

March 27, 2021: Well. We weren’t expecting that to happen! It started off as a regular Saturday, lazing around and feeding the birds at grammie’s house. But then IT happened. Mommy got a text telling her a vaccine appointment was available! Did she want it?! YES! So we quickly finished our chore and raced off to the clinic. They didn’t text daddy for his, but mommy was going to put in a good word for him. We pulled up to the drive thru. They had an extra shot for daddy, but wait….plot twist! Daddy forgot his license! No shot for daddy. Ugh. Mommy still got hers (through the car window!), so we headed home. Then daddy got his text! We raced home. Daddy dropped us off and got his license. He went back and got his vaccine shot too! OMG. What a day! Will it be this crazy when we get our shots? Who cares! We don’t even like shots, but we are ready to do anything and everything to hug people and play with our friends soon.

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