Summer Adventures

July 26, 2021: Gosh. Our neighbor Linda moved away almost a year ago. I really miss her. We text and send mail, but it’s not the same. Mommy arranged a visit for us this morning and it was super fun! We finally got to see the inside of her house. I have been asking forever! We explored every nook and cranny, and opened every door and drawer. Well, almost every drawer. For some reason mommy drew the line at the drawers in Linda’s bedroom. That’s ok though cause we found lots of cool stuff everywhere else. We even got a game of hide n’seek in before we made it to the secret garden! I feel so much better after our visit. The last three days have been so amazing. Rollerskating, grandma’s birthday/anniversary party, swimming, playing with cousins, seeing old friends, and hiking with grammie and papa. Summer vacation is going great!

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