Comic Relief

September 7, 2021: Today was the first day at our new school! We got ready, put on our matching mommy bracelets, and biked to school. We said our goodbyes and then walked in when the bell rang. It was so awesome, until it wasn’t…..I didn’t get a locker like the rest of the class. I didn’t get to eat my snack because of a rule. I didn’t get to play on the big playground. And I only made one friend. I held it together at school but I cried as soon as I saw mommy. Fin had a great day though. She was happy about everything! She was so excited she accidentally ordered breakfast which mommy found in her bag when we got home. Wait?! What?! Breakfast?! The teacher asked who wanted breakfast, so Fin raised her hand and poof, breakfast in your bag! Hilarious! I can’t stop laughing about it! Ha! Leave it to my sister to help me forget about my bad day. Best sister ever.

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