Wacky Wednesday

November 3, 2021: We had picture day on October 15. I didn’t think I’d look much different a couple weeks later on the day we got our pictures back, but I do! I lost my second front tooth since then AND this time it was AT SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!! I was eating my lunch and accidentally knocked my loose tooth on my other tooth. It hurt but it was still in there. I went back to class and got my reading stuff. As I was walking to the rug, I touched my tooth with my tongue and it fell out in my mask! It was crazy. I put my tooth in a plastic bag. When mommy picked me up, I ran to her and told her what happened. She was amazed and super excited! Then I had to tell her that she mixed up our lunches and snacks in the wrong bags today. She told me that she planned it for mix up day….ummm, nice try mommy.

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