Tears for Fears

November 6, 2021: Today was a big day. Papa’s birthday AND we got our first vaccine shot! Let me be clear…we were ready for this shot, but we were not prepared to get it in an unfamiliar place with a person we didn’t know. It made us more nervous than we normally are and we cried. A. Lot. That’s ok though. Mommy and daddy treated us all day for being so brave! Being brave means doing something even though you are scared and that’s what we did. After we got our shot, we got lollipops, cupcakes, Wendy’s, frostys, books at the library, new toys from the toy store, time to jump in the leaves, a fire, s’mores, and a movie night! We are so glad that one is over. Time to start think about what kind of reward we’d like for the second shot they told us is coming in a few weeks.

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