Fractured Fun

May 14, 2022: So yeah. My elbow hurt a lot more than I thought. Our sleepover with grammie and papa, plus lots of special treats was not enough to make it feel better. I couldn’t really move my arm this morning and it hurt a LOT so mommy took me to the emergency room. It was the same place I was born at so that was cool, but the rest of the visit I could do without. Other than riding on mommy’s lap in a wheelchair (which was so crazy and silly!) to get x-rays, I would like to forget this day. The good news is there are no major broken bones! The bad news is that the doctor thinks there is a ‘hairline’ fracture in my elbow that they can’t see because it’s so swollen. Ugh! I am stuck in this uncomfortable splint until I see another doctor later. Thank goodness I have an awesome sister who went garage sale’ing and bought me some new toys to play with when I got home!

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