Secret Stash


November 21, 2016

November 21, 2016:  I’m not allowed to go in the basement. Honestly, I forget it’s even down there. But every once in a while I see someone go down the steps and I want to go too. Mommy says it’s too dangerous for me and there isn’t enough room for me to play anyway. I don’t take up that much room. So today when grammie and mommy went down there to talk about clearing me some room to play, I insisted on going with them. I had essential feedback to offer. Guess what? I found mommy’s secret stash of books and toys from when she was a little girl. There is a lot of junk down there. I ran upstairs to tell Finley and read one of the books to her. I guess she didn’t think it was a very good book cause she fell right to sleep.

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