Bigger is Better

10749November 22: Every night daddy and I say good night to the twinklie lights across the street. They have lights up all year round. We love how they look and we want to put up our own lights. Mommy is not on board with this idea. She likes how the lights look across the street but doesn’t want any on our house, especially all year round. Daddy and I have been secretly planning a way to put lights on the house. We think mommy will be OK with lights if we only put them up for Christmas. Apparently this is standard operating procedure, so she might not get too mad. Since daddy works all the time, I went to the store with papa to start picking out the lights. There is so much to pick from, but my theme is really starting to come together. I’ve heard bigger is better. I know daddy will like where I’m going with this, but will mommy? There was someone named Chris Osgood looking at the same stuff. If it’s good enough for him then it should be good enough for us!10758

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