Car Seat Kisses

jameson fin carJuly 31, 2017: Something weird happened today.  We all got up like normal.  Watched TV.  Ate breakfast. Played.  Daddy and Jameson got in the car.  Nothing really unusual there.  Daddy goes to work every morning.  I figured Jameson was going to work with him today.  I gave him a kiss and hug like normal.  But then Jameson gave me a kiss from her car seat and said ‘see you in a few days.’  Days? Wait? What?  Mommy said they went to the cottage. What is this place and why won’t I see them for days? This seems like something big I’m missing out on.  I’m gonna have a gazillion questions for daddy and Jameson when they get back home.  They better have some really good tim fin jameson

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