Catch and Release

Screenshot_20170801-211239August 1, 2017: Daddy and I left yesterday for our 1st Annual…wait, sorry. Apparently, daddy tells me it’s our 2nd Annual Cottage Adventure. I don’t remember the first adventure, but he has pictures that prove I was here, so I guess he’s right. Finley and mommy stayed home to have their own adventure. It was a long drive, but daddy made it fun with silly sayings, videos in the van, fun at a playground, and ice cream. This time grandma and grandpa are up at the cottage too! This morning grandma gave me a really cool Paw Patrol fishing pole! I got to test it out a couple times in the boat and I caught my first fishie!!!! Well, daddy says I got my first fish story because the fish never made it in the boat, but I reeled him up above the water. Then I put him back in so he could let go of the hook and swim away. I made both mommy and grandma proud with that move!

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