Park Critic

IMG95201805169518383767795HDRMay 16, 2018: I like parks. They have things I’m allowed to climb on. My gymnastics schedule got rearranged recently, but Jameson still has dance class on Wednesday. Daddy and I found something else to do on our date night. Parks. Well…parks, tacos and ice cream but the taco and ice cream part isn’t anything new. Daddy says now that the weather is nice, we can explore parks to find the best ones. I love this idea. It’s also a great way for daddy to burn some calories after tacos and ice cream!¬†IMG95201805169518525774395BURST005IMG95201805169518590065995HDRIMG952018051695184308316IMG952018051695134452805IMG95201805169518482655595BURST00095COVERIMG95201805169518330087195BURST005

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