Beach Bods

IMG952018051795083255588May 17, 2018:  I want to go to the beach. Today I asked daddy if he could take us to the beach someday soon. Daddy said yes! We’ve been lazing around on the couch all winter eating snacks. Mommy says it’s time we got some exercise so we can get our beach bodies. I only have one body and I don’t want a different one, but she said I get to count while we exercise so I’m all about it. Mommy does most of the work, but I keep count because she starts to lose her breath pretty quickly. At this rate, we should be done in no time! Grandma and grampa came over to watch Fin while I was at school. Grandma reminded me there’s a beach at the cottage. Daddy says he’s going to need help changing his spare tire first…whatever that means.

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