Give Her an Inch

IMG_20180919_150400795_HDRSeptember 19, 2018: I know Fin’s birthday is coming up and I should be nice to her, but sometimes little sisters can be the worst. I was being a great big sister and letting her have a few licks of my popsicle because she wasn’t feeling too well today. And all of a sudden Fin just ate the rest of it. I was very upset. I should’ve known since this wasn’t the first time. Mommy understood. She knew exactly what would make feel better…shopping!   IMG_20180919_154254531_HDRIMG_20180919_154410686_HDRIMG_20180919_155029591_HDRIMG_20180919_155131764_HDRIMG_20180919_155728540_HDRIMG_20180919_155913826IMG_20180919_173533095_HDRIMG_20180919_183409178IMG_20180919_194014053_BURST000_COVER_TOP

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