Last Day of One

4508September 20, 2018:  Today was my last day to be one year old. I said goodbye to being one by making and testing the special treats for tomorrow. Plus I got a special visit from grandma and grampa and they brought me presents. They gave me Daniel Tiger toys, a video, a rainbow book, M&Ms, and a rainbow skirt!!! I put THAT on immediately. I’m so glad daddy and Jameson changed their minds and let me open some gifts before my actual birthday. We topped off the day by taking grandma and grampa out for tacos and ice cream before my gymnastics class. I’m going to be tired by the time my birthday is over tomorrow. Luckily I’ll be a big kid then…plus I can just have more cake and ice cream if I start to feel too drowsy. IMG_20180920_162944302_HDRIMG_20180920_163926162_HDRIMG_20180920_172328773_HDRIMG_20180920_172313286_HDRIMG_20180920_174031467_HDRIMG_20180920_175405193_HDRIMG_20180920_175940972_HDR450045164514IMG_20180920_193738612IMG_20180920_163707212_HDR

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