Birthday Two Remember

IMG_20180921_084216412_HDRSeptember 21, 2018: I started my birthday wishing I would’ve asked Jameson for another half hour of sleep. She was too excited to let me wake up on my own. So instead I woke up to her singing Happy Birthday with the hallway light in my eyes. There were presents to open, which didn’t sound exciting when I first woke up, but after she opened them for me I understood her excitement. She got me a rainbow mermaid Barbie! I’ve been wanting one since I saw it at the pool this summer. And she got me awesome books, videos, and a Skye toothbrush! So perfect! Later on grammie and papa came over with more presents. Then a package from Aunt Ellen showed up. Then my cousins Ava and Landon showed up and I wasn’t even expecting them. Then I got to eat cake! Then I got to play with my new toys and my cousins. It was so much fun! I love all my gifts! Jameson loves all my gifts too…but I’m going to have to remind her that they are mine.


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