Confetti Masters

IMG_20181118_082120827November 18, 2018: Daddy didn’t know what hit him. He was sleeping peacefully in his bed dreaming about unicorns and kittens, then…BAM! We hit him with confetti and yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY to wake him up. Oddly he didn’t want to have chocolate cake for breakfast like Jameson and I suggested. So we made him blow out a candle on his pancakes instead. We had to wait allllllllllll day until after mommy and daddy got back from the Lions game for cake. It was worth the wait though! Screenshot_20181118-204454Screenshot_20181118-204758Screenshot_20181118-204620IMG_20181118_082953892IMG_20181118_091547140_BURST027IMG_20181118_173518105IMG_20181118_191617857

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