Appreciation Tree

IMG_20181119_154051432November 19, 2018: “Thank you, for everything you do” is something that we sing around our house a lot. It’s from a Daniel Tiger song in his Thank You Day episode. It’s super catchy but best of all it feels really good to say thank you to each other. Mommy surprised us and put up a tree in our living room so we could fill it with thank you notes for people we love and appreciate. Just like Daniel. We get to write notes and decorate the tree all week. Then on Friday we are going to read the notes to each other and turn our Thank You tree into our Christmas tree! Mommy=Genius. Thank you, mommy…for EVERYTHING you do.IMG_20181119_154051432IMG_20181119_154815657IMG_20181119_144856126IMG_20181119_095037962_BURST000_COVER_TOPIMG_20181119_094454636IMG_20181119_180328235_BURST000_COVER

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