IMG_20190402_180931049April 2, 2019: Grammie and papa don’t get to have all the fun just because they are on vacation. Technically I’m on Spring Break too. I don’t have school AND I get to play with Finley all day….plus daddy gets to stay home from work part of the day to hang out with us! You don’t have to go to Florida to have lunch outside! And when mommy comes home, she takes us to park after park after park! Mommy is right. Staying at home is better than sitting around with a bunch of really old people in Florida.IMG_20190402_180924651IMG_20190402_170134223_HDRIMG_20190402_165356743_HDRIMG_20190402_162148332_HDRIMG_20190402_131559767_BURST000_COVERIMG_20190402_124110305_BURST006IMG_20190402_125715928_BURST008


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