Musical Park

IMG_20190403_114835783April 3, 2019: Our Spring Break park review is going very, very well. We usually go to the park for the slides and swings. Today was different. Mommy saw a new park driving home from one our favorite parks yesterday. We took note and decided to try and fit it into our park visits today. I’m glad we did. This park had musical instruments to play! Take note, America, if you accidentally drive by a park turn around and play the xylophone. IMG_20190403_113925737_HDRIMG_20190403_113940459_HDRIMG_20190403_114049171IMG_20190403_114432636_HDRIMG_20190403_094659136IMG_20190403_154956186IMG_20190403_155055613IMG_20190403_155119977IMG_20190403_162438416_HDR

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