Ups and Downs

IMG_20190703_183610906_HDRJuly 3, 2019: Jameson and I were still pretty bummed this morning about losing our fishing poles, but mommy and daddy had a plan. We went to a special tire store and found new fishing poles! And not just any kind of poles, Anna and Elsa ones! Happy face! We ate lunch and drove back to the cottage. I was ready for some swimming, but mommy said naptime. Sad face. I woke up and daddy took me and Jameson swimming. Happy face! Then we wanted to go fishing, but mommy said dinnertime. Sad face. We ate all our dinner and grandma and grandpa took us fishing! Happy face! Time to get back to grandma’s lessons. She was just about to teach us about holding on tight to our poles…aaaaaand then I dropped my brand new fishing pole in the water and it sank!!! Sad face. IMG_20190703_183204952IMG_20190703_163157898_HDRIMG_20190703_194052730IMG_20190703_194506566MVIMG_20190703_201112381

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