Stretch It Out

IMG_20190704_202304213_HDRJuly 4, 2019: Mommy and daddy broke some bad news to us today. Tomorrow we’re heading back home. Has it been a week already?! Today would be our last swim, our last time to play with Griffin and the bear, our first and last kayak ride, and our last opportunity to throw another fishing pole in the lake until next year. They let us stretch the day out with popcorn on a sunset boat cruise and we saw a star after we brushed our teeth. It was a great day. Tomorrow it’s back in the car for the long trek home. We’re going to miss grandma, grampa, and Griffin, but Harley must be awfully lonely. IMG_20190704_201837965IMG_20190704_141102872IMG_20190704_100920965IMG_20190704_095635435_HDRIMG_20190704_093537248

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