Going Rate

IMG_20190906_140511283September 6, 2019: I love to go shopping. I’m learning that you need money to buy things. Sometimes you need a lot of money and sometimes you need a little bit of money. Either way Fin and I don’t have too much money…yet. Mommy says if we work hard doing things we can earn money to put in our piggy banks. Making our beds is an easy one. This afternoon I helped sing Finley to sleep while mommy pushed her in the stroller. My piggy bank will be full in no time! IMG_20190906_081711738IMG_20190906_081518096IMG_20190906_143818296_HDRIMG_20190906_151805000IMG_20190906_170501473_HDRIMG_20190906_172416991IMG_20190906_173824712IMG_20190906_175438042_BURST005IMG_20190906_184953726_BURST000_COVER

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