Kindness Rocks

IMG_20190907_184301248_HDRSeptember 7, 2019: Finley and I love surprises. It feels so good to get something or do something you weren’t expecting. It feels just as good to give surprises. So when mommy suggested we paint rocks and hide them for our neighbors to find, we thought it was an awesome idea. We spent all week painting our rocks and today we started hiding them! I wish we could see the look on their faces when they find them… that’s my favorite part of surprises! IMG_20190907_184128299_HDRIMG_20190907_185503452_HDRIMG_20190907_185153803IMG_20190907_183030075IMG_20190907_170414904_HDRIMG_20190907_170349038IMG_20190907_141824467_HDRIMG_20190907_114334330_HDRIMG_20190907_113518859_HDRIMG_20190907_112358205_HDRIMG_20190907_094130052

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